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What Do We Mean By Parcel Post Clearance

There are times when we order stuff from other places than our own country, there are obviously some brands that are not available at every country all over the world and if you want it in your country you would have to order it from the other country so that you can get the product at your place and so you could enjoy something that very less people in that country would have any access to. 

Now coming to what the clearance of a parcel post its delivery is, if a postal parcel has been delivered to your house from abroad, it needs to be cleared but as it was delivered directly to your house, you have to have a parcel post customs clearance done of it as well. There are many ways through which a post clearance can be done, they can be online with the help of emails and by letter as well. It completely depends upon the preferences of the people who have to have the clearance done.

Let us explain what exactly is the meaning of the word that is clearance. Clearance means that the package that is being cleared is being processes basically at the customs at the border. This has to happen when you import goods from another country because of whatever reasons you may order them. If there is a clearance delay, that means that the package was held by the customs so that the examination and assessment of the package can be done in the right manner and after it is done the package can be cleared as well.

Many people all around the world are worried about the fact that they are not aware of the truth that the things that are staying at the customs should not stay there for more than 24 hours and if it does, then it is not a good sign for the importer as there are chances that the importer might never get the product than ever. Although this is not true for every parcel out there, some of the parcels get through, although they take a long time for that to happen but they make their way through the customs after a specific time period. This usually happens when the package lands on a weekend and that is because of the holidays and that the weekend are not working days, that is why the package might get late. Although one thing that is understood by people all over the world is that if a package stays at the customs for more than 7 days, there are great chances that the good might never get delivered to the house of the importer as well.

Thomas Hammond / March 6, 2019 / Home & Business Services