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How To Decorate A Smaller Room?

The design of the room is the deciding factor on how the overall quality of the room looks. It’s pretty easy to go overboard with the design of the room and make it look gaudy. Here are some tips on decorating your room.1. Use the right colorsThe color of the room depends on the size of the room, dark colors can look good if your room is big and has a lot of light coming in. But, if it’s small with not much lighting, then always opt for a lighter color, to avoid making your room look dull and compact.You can also use a darker color for your ceiling, this would create a more spacious look. 2. Centre the bedroomPlace your bed towards the corner of the wall instead of the center. This way you can make more space in the room to place other items.3. Add storage under the bedAdd a storage compartment under the bed instead of adding one separately. The space under your bed won’t be used, so instead of buying cupboards, you can store your things under the bed. 4. Use mirrorsPlacing a big mirror can make your room appear larger, it would be ideal if you place it facing a window, this way it can also reflect natural light into the room thus making it brighter.5. Get creative with designsInstall a shelf in the room to place decorative items like ornaments, flower pots and other items. You can also get creative and make the room more personal by making things and putting it out, you can use a black glass bottle as a flower pot to put the flowers etc. 

Furthermore, you can use handmade cards, a photo frame for the picture, or place a small candle inside a cut glass bottle, a 500ml plastic bottle wholesale would do well to be used as a candle. 6. Use high drapesLarge windows from ceiling to floor can create the illusion of a big room, but not everyone has a big window, regardless, you can still create the illusion of this by using high drapes from above the window frame to the ground. Always keep the place to a minimal, don’t add too many things to the room, doing so, can cause the place to clutter up and make the room appear smaller, the more space available, the bigger it would appear. At the same time, ensure that the design and structure of the room coordinate well.

Thomas Hammond / January 15, 2019 / Business Services