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Maintaining A Clean And Shiny Floor

Cleaning the floor can be quite difficult but it is one of the surfaces that will show the most wear and tear. We tread all over it throughout the day and bring in dust and dirt into the house. This will be heightened if you have children or pets in the house as they tend to be quite messy. You can start small and keep up a regular schedule for cleanings. Once you get started on a routine, your floors will be spotless before you know it.

The trick is not to keep it until you absolutely have to clean it. This means vacuuming, sweeping or mopping the floor once a week. The type of cleaning for the floors will differ according to the floor finishes and material. For example, stone floors shouldn’t be washed with acidic cleaning agents, bleach or ammonia. You need a mild cleaning solution to prevent damage to the floor. But you can use vinegar and soap based solution for cork and vinyl flooring. For limestone, marble or terrazzo flooring you can get the assistance of strip and seal polishing services for a more polished look.

Keeping a home tidy rests on the small things we do such as taking off your shoes once you enter the house. This will ensure that you don’t tread over the floor with all the dirt you have accumulated through the day. If you see a stain or a spill, clear it up immediately. This is highly important when it comes to smooth floor finishes. It will prevent someone stepping onto the spill and falling. It’s a habit you should instil in your children as well. You should make everyone responsible for their part of the house. You can use this method in the workplace as well. Each employee will be responsible for their own office or cubicle. Office cleaning services can be used at the end of the week to conduct a comprehensive cleaning.

If you have pets, keep a brush and pan near their kibble. They’re inclined to make a mess and this will make it easier for you to clean it up. It’s much better when you keep cleaning supplies close at hand. This saves you the time it takes to look for them. It also makes sense that you use quality cleaning products. Make sure everyone in the house knows where the cleaning products are. Keep them out of reach of pets and young children.

You need to be aware of which areas get the most traffic such as hallways and stairs. They will need more frequent cleanings. You have to dust frequently as well. Mopping will keep the floors spotless, especially kitchen floors that are more liable for spills and stains.

Thomas Hammond / October 4, 2016 / Home & Business Services